Uploading a GPS File to a Garmin Montana GPS

If you have a GPS it can be very helpful to download a GPS Tracks file to help you know which way to go. This is in addition to the maps we have already provided. We have provided a Garmin GPS Tracks file for this ATV trail that you can download from this website to your computer and then to your Garmin GPS.  Instructions on how to do this are listed below. Please Note: (These instructions are for a Garmin Montana 610 series.  You will be loading this file into Garmin BaseCamp. (If you have a different GPS please contact us at info@atvtrailsinutah.com . We will make every effort possible to provide you with a file format for your brand of GPS.)


How to Download this GPS Tracks File to Your Computer.

  1. You begin the file download by clicking the Link above. 
  2. A “Save As” dialog box will appear.  You will be asked to save it somewhere on your computer. 
  3. Save the File in a Folder where you can find it later.  

How to Upload Your GPS Tracks File to BaseCamp. 

(You will need to have the Garmin BaseCamp Software loaded on your computer.  It you don’t have BaseCamp loaded then you will need to download the software and install it on your computer.  It is free software.  Download by clicking this link: Garmin BaseCamp )


  1. Begin by opening Garmin BaseCamp program on your computer. 
  2. Make sure that “My Collection” is highlighted in the Library Section at the top left-hand side of the program. (See Example 1)
  3. Next click the “File” tab.
  4. Then click Import into “My Collection.” (See Example 2)
  5. You will be asked to select a file.  Scroll to the folder where you saved the GPS Tracks file and select it. Then select the open button. (See Example 3)
  6. The file will now appear in “My Collections” in BaseCamp. (See Example 4)
  7. Right click on the file name and choose “Show on Map.” (Optional)  (See  Example 5)

Uploading the Trail File to the Garmin Montana 610.

  1. Plug your GPS into the computer using the USB cable and wait for it to boot up.
  2. Right click on Trail file name in BaseCamp you want to upload.(See Example 6)
  3. From the dialog box Choose “Send to.” (See Example 7)
  4. From the “Select Destination” dialog box, Choose where on the GPS you want to send the file. (See Example 8)
  5. Highlight the location and select “Ok” at the bottom of the box.(See Example 9)
  6. The Trail Tracks that you just uploaded will be in the “Tracks Manager” on the GPS.  

Creating a Garmin Adventure: (Optional)

You can create a Garmin Adventure of the ATV Trail in BaseCamp.  This allows you to travel the trail in BaseCamp.  It’s a fun feature.  You do this by: 

  1. Right Click on the file name and choose “Create Garmin Adventure.”
  2. Go through the steps providing the necessary information.
  3. Click the “Finish Button.”

To Play Back a Garmin Adventure Trail

In the left-hand column of BaseCamp is a box called “Garmin Adventures.”

  1. Right click on the adventure you want to play back.
  2. A dialog box will appear. Click the “Playback” button. Your adventure will begin.
  3. Next to the “Pause” Button are some arrows. Click the arrows on the right to increase the speed of the playback.
  4. When finished, click the “x” in the top right of the playback dialog box to exit.