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Utah ATV Rides is the best place to go for the most detailed information on ATV Trails in Utah  

In the late fall of 2007 we had some friends introduce us to the adventures of ATV riding. We fell in love with it. In the summer of 2008 we purchased three ATV’s to take our daughters out for some adventures. However, after we purchased our ATV’s we found ourselves asking, “So where do we go?” The only real answer we got was ‘American Fork Canyon.’ So that is where we went on our first few rides.

However, after a while we wanted to go to other places. We spent many hours searching the internet and found limited trail information. So we started studying maps, searching Google Earth, researching many trails and then spending the time to ride each trail to explore its features and conditions.

We have had many people ask us over the years where we go riding. The comment we have heard the most from them is that “we have this one ride and that’s where we go because we don’t know where else to go.” With that comment ringing in the back of our minds we decided it would be useful to create a website where people could go and get a complete information packet on ATV trail rides where basically all they had to do was click and go.

Over the last 8 years we have collected vast amounts of information on ATV rides in Utah that accommodate both the ATV and SSV vehicles. It has taken us a tremendous amount of time and resources to combine all this information in one place, but has been most enjoyable. ATV trails in Utah are found here.  We have trail video, maps, directions to trailhead, trail terrain rating, google coordinates, photos and much more.

Discover the Amazing ATV & SSV Trails of Northern Utah.  

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Are You Looking for Some New Places to Ride Your ATV & SSV That are a Little Closer to Home?

Did you know that Northern Utah has some of the best trails in Utah to ride your ATV & SSV? Wasatch, Duchesne, Summit, Utah, Davis, Weber, Morgan, Box Elder, Cache, Rich and Tooele counties provide some of the most spectacular ATV & SSV riding experiences in the State of Utah. This website has been created to help you know where these trails are and to provide you with lots of information on these trails to enable you to have an awesome riding experience.  We accomplish this  by researching and locating the trails. We then go ride these trails and physically document them.  Then we compile that information into Trail Packages which contain several items including a detailed map of the trail and surrounding area (CLICK HERE For an Example)  How easy is it to find a good map these days?  It’s not easy because they don’t exist except on this website.

With our website you don’t have to do any research.  We have done that for you.  All you have to do is ask the question, “Where do I want to go exploring today?” Pick a trail, download the maps and information and go. It’s that easy!  Depending on where you live in Northern Utah, ranging from Spanish Fork to Logan and from Tooele to Kamas, most of the documented trails will be less than a two hour drive from wherever you live.  Currently we have identified 57 trails. Click Here  or the Trails Library Tab above to view these exciting trail packages.

So click the “To Get Started” button above to see what you get in each Trail Package and what you need to do to be a part of this great riding experience. Also Check out our Resources Page for great tips and information and our Promotions Page for some fun give aways. Also visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube by clicking the links below.  Enjoy, have fun and always remember to:


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