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While ATV Trails In Utah strives to keep the information on its website current, any information on this website is provided by ATV Trails In Utah as a courtesy only, and ATV Trails In Utah makes no representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, about the accuracy, availability, or completeness of information with respect to the website.  Any reliance you place on this information is strictly at your own risk (and all members of your party).  You are responsible for obtaining, reviewing, and interpreting the maps and information at your own discretion.  You must use the maps based on information available at the time of the ride and not use this information as any authorization or permission in any respect.  Information and policies on the ground and/or on the trail always overrule information on this website, in writing, or on a map.  You agree to not hold ATV Trails In Utah liability with respect to the accuracy or changing conditions. 

We take every effort and precaution to keep the website up and running efficiently.  However, ATV Trails In Utah takes no responsibility or liability for the website being unavailable due to issues either in or out of our control.  No refunds or partial credits will be offered or available if our website is temporarily down. 

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 (Rev 10 Sep 2020)