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We are a Digital Library of trail information that is continually being updated and added to.  We are confident that you will realize that being a subscriber is a small investment to pay to have all this information at your fingertips 24/7/365. 

On this website, we have Custom Maps that are REAL-TIME photos of the trail with Lat/Long grids and Waypoints with GPS coordinates at specific spots on the trail. A Real-Time Map, along with a GPS, shows you exactly where you are at any given time. (Click Here)  We also provide a close-up photo of each Waypoint to clarify difficult situations.  (Click Here) A Standard, Vague Map does not do that.  (Click Here)   We make our own maps because other maps show vague scaled information and don’t always show all the information.  All of our Custom Maps are in accordance with current Motor Vehicle Use Standards (MVUS).  Because citations can be very expensive, we ensure that all trails we publish are legal to ride on.   

We also provide commercially produced maps such as Topo Maps and Motor Vehicle Use Maps, GPS files to download to your GPS, Google Earth Files to download to your computer, POI’s, Directions to the Trailhead, Waypoint Coordinates, a short video of the trail, and much much more. 


Before we release any Trail Package, we have actually ridden the trail and have fully documented it. We tell you everything you need to know about the trail.  Your safety and enjoyment are a priority to us. Then after we release the information, we monitor each trail and update them for current conditions as they occur.  If there are any changes, we make them and then notify you of the changes so that you always have access to current information.  If you are a subscriber, you never have to worry about having outdated information.  We want to provide you with all you need to have a great riding experience.



Below is a list of what each Trail Package consists of.  When you see an (*), click it for an example.



(Go to our Trails Library Page and Take one of our FREE Trail Packages for a test drive to see how it works.)


We have done all the research for you.  All you have to do is ask the question, “Where do I want to go explore and relax today?  You will be able to ride some of the most spectacular trails in the State of Utah.  It will save you time, and money and get those expensive machines out of the garage more than a couple of times per year.  A much better “Return on Your Expensive Investment.”

So Don’t Delay!

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How much do folks spend on entertainment?  Movie Card $20.00 p/mo; Netflix $12.00 p/mo; HULU $12.99 p/mo; Amazon Prime $119.00 p/yr ($9.95 p/mo) Gym Membership (I know that isn’t entertainment unless you just go there to watch people’s workout styles. 🙂 VASA $9.99/$19.99 p/mo; etc. 

FOR ONLY $8.95 per month, you can be out more often on your ATV or Side by Side, relaxing and getting away from the daily stresses of life.  That is PRICELESS!!  And your monthly subscription never goes up.* What do you have to lose, except time on your machine?  Get started now by clicking below.

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* “Monthly Subscription will never increase as long as the subscription is maintained.  If you cancel and then re-subscribe, you will be charged the current subscription price.”

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